It’s my birthday everydoggy :o)

I’m 3 today and in celebration my Bean took me to the forest so I could play in the muddy puddles, my favourite past time :o)


And here I am in action

Finally … A Clear Round!

Bean surpassed herself yesterday and managed to get me through a clear round, I’m so proud of her, look she got me my first Agility Rosette.

My First Agility Season Completed

I’ve been a very busy boy this summer and autumn, lots of training and completions and although Bean has finally worked out how to help me, we have yet to win our first rosette.  But I mustn’t be too cross with Bean as we did managed to win the “Most Improved Dog and Handler” trophy and there is also next season :o)


Hello …

Hello ...

I’ve been a very busy boy, lots of competions and training.

Forgive my lack of Dog Blogs …

… I’ve been busy practicing for my Agility Shows, look … see below …

So here I am everydoggy, racing up the seesaw in my first class of my very first Agility Show in Newbury on Saturday the 23rd April.  I didn’t manage to get a place or a clear round, but Bean was very proud of me for doing my very best.

I did better at my 2nd show this bank holiday monday but need to practice my weaves to get that clear round, Bean said she’d help and hopefully at my next show I’ll be a bit better, woof woof 🙂

Walking with Beany friends

Early morning walk with Bean and a few of her Beany friends 😮